Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where they're going

I thought I'd post a map of China so you can follow the journey that Lauren, Christy, her mom, and her aunt will be taking over the next 2 weeks (you can click on the map to enlarge it).  On Saturday night, they flew into Beijing, which is indicated by a star on the map.  In just a few hours, they will be flying to Lucy's province of Liaoning which is a little northeast of Beijing.  They will stay there until Friday when they will fly to Guangzhou in the Guangdong province in south China.  It's here that a lot of the official stuff will happen - medical exam, paperwork, oath-taking ceremony, and picking up Lucy's visa.  Hope this give you a little bit of context for the week.  FYI, Lily was adopted from the Hunan province which is just above Guangdong.

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