Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ANOTHER amazing great day!

Hi everyone!  Are you proud that I have finally learned to post pictures?  Tom had copied and pasted the others.  Sorry I am so bad on the computer but I am really trying.  It takes FOREVER to post one picture on here for some reason.  I have decided that it would be better for me to bond with Lucy by playing games, etc. than to sit here and wait for photos to upload all day.  But I will at least try to post a couple every day.  Sorry for my spelling as well.  I noticed a few mistakes this morning.  Serious jet lag when I am typing late at night. :)

 Ok, on to Lucy.  She has had another great day but has really been tired.  Today was finally a day where we had nothing planned so we were going to spend it shopping.  Well, Lucy could not quite hang.  Uh oh! Although her first full sentence thus far was this morning when she said with much excitement, "I LOVE shopping!"  I was a little nervous about this. :)  We went out to an underground mall and found a shirt for her and pjs for Lauren.  That was about all she was up for and asked if we could go back to the hotel.  It was not even lunch time yet and we did not get out until 10:00.  We took her back and she took a 2 hour nap and then we went out for more.  We ventured down to the China Walmart which is always interesting.  Lucy picked out many snacks to take back to America and was very happy about this.  After Walmart she asked to go back to the room again.  Oh well, she will get used to it.  I hope! :)

She was especially happy tonight just hanging around in the hotel.  She is really content just hanging around playing games, chatting with the translator and such.  She has also enjoyed the many conversations we have had on skype.  Skype has been a blessing!  It is so cool that she is able to talk with her baba, Anna Claire and Lily before we get home.  I think this will help a lot.  She also has talked with Betty and Cindy and can hardly wait to see them again.  Thanks Betty and Cindy!

Lucy is such a sweet girl!  Very kind, considerate, helpful, and ALWAYS smiling.  She is quite easy to love.  Yesterday Lauren and her were chatting back and forth on their DS games ( I did not even realize you could do that) and she had written in "I love you" and sent it to Lauren.  Lauren was shocked to say the least.  We did not even realize she could write that in English.  Lauren is still getting used to having such an affectionate sister.  She is usually the one "aggravating" her other sisters with affection.  She said she is getting a dose of her own medicine.  But I do not think it is bothering her one bit.  She has said a few times that she is glad to have an older sister.  PTL!

A few of you have asked in e-mails how to comment on the  post.  I am not sure why it is not working.  I will ask Tom and get back with you on that one.  Thanks so much for all of the encouragement and prayers.  You could never understand what has meant to all of us here!!!  God is surely in every minute of this!  Love you all! 


allison said...

God continues to amaze us! I am overjoyed for you all and don't worry, Lucy will love shopping when she gets to the good ole USA! Love you!

Janie said...

I can't read your post for the chills on my body and the tears in my eyes. Why , why , why are we amazed when God is faithful? I ran into Denice in Justice today and She and her girls were beaming as they spoke of Lucy. Lucy has no idea the people here that are waiting to Love her. Hurry Home. BTW.. Do you need Pat Dexters Ph #?

Pat Casteen said...

Hey Christy!! So glad everything is going well!! Lucy is beautiful!!! She seems to be so happy that she finally has her forever family!!! So happy for you guys!!! Did you get to meet Gina Lewis? If so, please tell her I said hey and am so happy for her!! I am following her blog, too. So glad after so many years she finally has her baby girl!!! Prayers for your family, Christy, and God Bless!!! Pat