Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Is it taking so long?????

We would not have to have any fundraisers if I had a dollar for every time we have been asked why it is taking soooo long. We are really not digging the time frame of this adoption and hope that no one else has to wait this long. But we do know that God has been in control of this thing the whole way and we do not want to question something as simple as the timing. He knows the best time to add a 12 yr. old girl to our family. It made sense to me to go ahead and make it happen when she was 10. She was 10 when we first laid eyes on her and cute as anything. But God knew the perfect time. It looks like we will be picking Lucy up at the end of August. She turns 13 in September. We have to find some humor in that we will be given an instant teenager. Bring it on!!! We are so ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back . . .

. . . after much protest! I'm not much of a writer, but Tom has continued to encourage (nag?) me to update the blog. Please forgive me as I know many of you have checked back several times for an update to find the same old post. Well, obviously a lot has happened since our last post in October. I am not really great with keeping up with dates, but I will try my best to give you the "story" of the past few months.

Not long after our last post, after finally being notified that our paperwork was in China, we were also notified with some not so good news. Someone that works at the orphanage sent word that Lucy was being visited often by a Chinese family. They were actually taking her home for the weekends and had been for a couple of months. The orphanage was sure that the family was going to adopt her, and there was not much they could do about it. Needless to say, we were really sad (that is an understatement), and hence one reason I was not really excited about the blog anymore.

We have been praying through this whole process that if it was not meant for Lucy to be a part of our family, that God would close the door. I truly believed that God would do just that to protect our family or Lucy if need be. Well, for a moment I thought that is what He was doing and after mourning a little (really quite a bit), I thought I would just let it all go.

The moment was short lived. This is where I began to wrestle. It was a tough place to find ourselves. We trusted God that He wanted the best for our family and Lucy. It was not so hard to understand where he might be protecting our family, but REALLY hard to understand why she would be placed with this other family. This family had lost a daughter to death and had called the orphanage to find that Lucy was the only child there that same age. This did not settle well at all in this mom's soul. It would of settled so much better if we had received word that this was a Chinese family that wanted to take in an orphan and share the love of Christ with her.

So we began to pray and asked other close friends to pray for a miracle. Well, we were granted just that. I think it was two weeks after the prayers began that the family stopped picking up Lucy. We serve an awesome God!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I have left out a lot of details where He could get so much glory. Maybe we should write a book. ;)