Monday, October 19, 2009

Paperwork is on its way to China!!!

Sorry it has taken so long for us to post. Other than fundraising, there has not been a lot of new news to share. Until this week! Yeah!!! Our paperwork is on its way to China! What a relief it is!!! Now everyone is asking how long we have from here. There is really no telling, BUT we are a lot closer. I am guessing maybe March or April. It would be a nice surprise if it were any earlier. We are hoping and praying that we will be matched with Lucy sometime next month. This is when the fun will begin. The nannies will be able to tell Lucy all about us. The pictures and letter are already there and waiting. I wish we could have a video of her response. One day, she will be able to fill us in on all of the details.

THANKS SO MUCH to all of you who have helped in our fundraising!!! It has been a HUGE success and you will never know how much we appreciate you! For all of you that donated prizes or sold tickets for our giveaway, THANK YOU!!!

A special thanks to My Uncle Leroy!!! He went crazy selling tickets! I think he must know everyone in my hometown. He sold his tickets and kept asking for more.

Another special thanks to our friend, Haley James!!! Haley is only 10 and sold $500 in tickets! Is that awesome or what?! She went out into many neighborhoods for weeks after school until all of her tickets were gone. You are truly a blessing, Haley! We love you!

And for all of you who have donated for the many yard sales, THANKS!!! A special thanks to Sarah and Bryce Delacourt! Sarah made bracelets, and Bryce washed up his bike for one of the sales. We sold everything you gave us! Thanks!!!

We are going to hold off until after the holidays for more fundraising. My Mom and Dad have volunteered to help us with a bar-b-que chicken plate sale in the early spring. So, there will be more tickets to be sold. :)

MOST OF ALL, we would like to thank each of you that have prayed for us through this process. We have felt them. If you do not mind keeping them going, that would be great. Our request at this time would be for Lucy, Lauren, Anna Claire and Lily as this will be a HUGE adjustment for all of them.

We will be posting soon. I will be sure to announce our papers' LID (Log in Date).