Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ask him!

"I would love to adopt, but I do not think my husband would go for it."

My prayer is that you would step out on faith. First PRAY, and then simply ASK. God loves to surprise us! We are HIS children! He has certainly surprised me many times through the process of adoption as I mentioned in an earlier post. You may never know if God has ever put that thought in your husband's mind somewhere along the way. And more than likely he would never mention it unless you did. It would be sad to miss out on this blessing because you simply never asked him.

You may not want to go all out like I did before I asked Tom.(: But it does help to have statistics and info with you when you go to ask. Have I mentioned that I taped a picture of Lucy above Tom's computer and asked him to pray for a few days about adopting her?

In all seriousness, Steven Curtis Chapman's team discovered an amazing statistic - IF ONLY 7% OF CHRISTIANS ADOPTED A CHILD THERE WOULD BE NO ORPHANS LEFT IN THE WORLD! I know that adoption is not for everyone, but what if it is for you and your family? Please don't miss this divine opportunity!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Questions and Comments

With adoption comes many questions and comments. With an Asian adoption comes a whole different list of questions and comments. Do Tom or I mind either of these? Absolutely not! At times it is actually entertaining. The two most common, believe it or not, are:
1. I bet she is smart. Is she smarter than most girls her age?
2. Does she play the violin or anything?
(Sorry if anyone reading this has made these comments:)

I really love questions because I know God uses them in most cases to stir one's heart, whether it be towards adoption or leading one to support orphans around the world.

There are two objections I hear over and over again (which is the reason for this post).
1. We would adopt if we could afford it.
2. I would love to adopt, but my husband would never go for it.

I will start with the first. I say all of this to encourage anyone who has thought for a split second that they might be willing to adopt. I CAN COUNT ON ONE HAND HOW MANY PEOPLE I KNOW WHO CAN AFFORD TO SPEND $20,000 in one year. But yet there are thousands every year that are doing it. THIS IS WHAT GRANTS ARE OUT THERE FOR! Most people are unaware of the resources that are available. There are many great fundraisers that your friends and church family could help you with. There are also interest free loans and a huge tax credit now.

I will never forget calling America World Adoption Association for the first time three years ago with the adoption of Lily. I needed to talk to someone about the money side of things before I asked Tom to adopt. The lady there said these exact words - "If God is making it clear to you that you are ready to adopt, He will provide all of the money. We have families everyday that sign on that do not have the money and God always provides. He favors adoption!" I quickly reminded her that my husband was working part time at the church and was in school full time. Then she repeated what she had just said. I then told her that it would be great if Tom could hear those words come from her and not me. She agreed, and when Tom came home from work, I called and she did just that. He believed her and we both were ready to step out on faith! Huge leap for us!!! But we did it and God was SO faithful. It was so fun to watch God work. When we left for China we were short $1,000 of paying off the whole adoption. Tom checked the mail when we got home and guess what was there? Someone had forgotten to send a gift to us and it was for the exact amount we needed. It was paid in full! God is so awesome! That is just one of the many miracles we saw along the way. PLEASE DO NOT LET THE MONEY STOP YOU!!! Call or e-mail me for ideas.

I will touch on the second objection in the next post.