Friday, September 10, 2010

A little rollercoaster ride today

We started out at the bottom today.  A lot quieter and a little grumpy. :(  But ended the day on the tippy top with a first swim EVER in the pool.  We left Lucy's home province today with a toothache.  I guess that most people would be a little grumpy with the combination of those two.   Then her first plane ride and on to our new hotel.   She enjoyed the plane ride until the end where her ears were really hurting as we landed.  If you ask her if she liked the plane, she will quickly tell you "No!"  If you ask if she liked swimming, you get a whole different response.  We could not believe how comfortable she was in there.  She went right under, holding her nose only one time.  Enjoyed splashing and floating around.

We are staying in a very nice hotel that America World booked for us.  I sure hope Lucy does not get to used to this.  It is unbelievable.  You can google Marriott Guangzhou China and check out where we are.  The pool was a very nice one to take your first swim.

I will have to type more tomorrow.  My time is running out.  We have to pay for the internet here.  Lauren says they have to charge for everything here to keep this nice place running. :)

Lauren is still doing amazingly well.   Handled the day much better than I would at her age.  Thanks so much for your prayers.  Please do not stop.  We covet your prayers as we are not home yet.  :)  Thanks!!!  Love you all!  And miss my girls and Tom really bad as of today!  Goodnight!


Snapshots Of Faith said...

Love reading these updates. I can picture it all! AC is spending the night tomorrow. Chloe is looking forward to it. Have fun. I will have to check that hotel out!

TJ said...

Glad it only took you 7 days to miss me. Anxious for y'all to come home.

The Tweetens said...

HI. We are an AWAA family also, hoping to travel next month for our 13 year old daughter. I love following your blog, and would love any tips you have on things to do, what to bring, etc when you have time. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!