Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday's update

This is from Christy's aunt, Betty Jean:

"This morning we were able to sleep in before breakfast and hang around the hotel.  We met up with the group at 1:00pm.  Lucy and two others had to stop by the clinic to have their TB test checked.  They all turned out okay.  Then our guide dropped us off at Shamian Island to do some shopping until 4:30 pm (you all know we just hated that).   The first thing on the agenda was to have pictures made on the red sofa!!  If you don't know what that is, the red sofas are in The White Swain Hotel at Shamian Island.  All nine of the adopted children from the group had their pictures taken on the red sofa - oh boy, that was an experience - two of the babies were not real happy about the whole idea.  Then some of the parents put their children in clothes from China and did their pictures individually.
Then off the five of us went to do some shopping and also ate lunch at Lucy's - a western restaurant. 

"Returned to the hotel and did more shopping at some of the shops beside the hotel.   Found some good deals.  Lucy likes to shop for clothes and is very selective (which is good), but I think she loves to shop for food the best.  She really enjoyed the grocery store yesterday.  Lucy has had a very good day today.  She had to wait two days before getting into the pool because of the TB test.  She has been so excited today about getting in the pool, so Christy, Lauren, and Lucy are now at the pool.  Lauren has really been wonderful with Lucy.  We are so glad she is here.

"Everyone start praying for our flights home, which will begin on Friday."

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