Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great day in Guangzhou

We had a another great day of sightseeing and shopping.  We love to shop on Shamian Island.  This is where every family that adopts from China ends their trip.  And it is a famous place to shop for adoptees.  We also went to a friendship store today as well.  I do not know how many floors it had, but it had everything you could want or need there.  That was a lot of fun.  Heike, I bought you some more Tiger Balm.  Lucy had a fun time in the grocery with Betty Jean and Grandma.  They had to buy a new suitcase for it all tonight.

Speaking of  Betty Jean and Grandma, I have not mentioned them in the blog thus far.  I thought of this as I lay in bed last night saying my prayers.  They have been my angels along the way.  I could not imagine doing this without them.  The two of them combined have been just what Lucy has needed.  It has been amazing to watch.  And Lucy thinks the world of them.  I am afraid they are spoiling her a bit, but our guides say that is what we are supposed to do while we are here.  She will be sad to see them go home.  I wish they could come home with us for  a while too.  We will never forget them being a part of this story.
Lucy enjoyed buying groceries today for her and her Chinese friends in America.  Grandma also bought her a Chinese doll tonight that she was very excited about.  More than anything, I think she was excited about having her own suitcase for the first time I imagine.  She came back to the hotel and helped BJ and Grandma pack all her food items and gifts in there.  Lauren had a great time shopping for her friends tonight as well.

We have had another great day, and you could never imagine how blessed we feel about that.  It is HUGE!!! I forgot to mention that we bought pretty neat necklaces today.  There was a man painting names on a grain of rice and putting them inside of necklaces.  We picked a few out that we liked, and Lucy picked out one that had Jesus on the cross.  We were so excited about that.  We do know that she has been introduced to Christ.  I met a really sweet girl this week that I will share with you more about later.  She told me that she showed the Jesus Film to Lucy's orphanage one time.  I am so thankful that this girl (missionary) lives in America now and will be able to sow into Lucy's life.  She cares so much for her and all of the children at her orphanage.  She actually lived there as a child and now attends college in Florida.

I guess these are the highlights of the day.  I am glad there are so many.  Please keep up the prayers.  We had a shaky day yesterday, but as for the rest of the trip, I am in awe.  Thank you Lord!!!  And thanks to you for all of your prayers.  We sure do feel them.

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