Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Tuesday

This is from a email from Christy's mom:

"After breakfast this morning, we had to come back to the room waiting for a call from our guide to tell us everything went well with the consulate appt.  He went on Lucy's behalf, and thank God everything was okay.  The swearing in ceremony will be tomorrow afternoon.   We went to a nine story shopping center after we got the call from the guide.  We were not impressed with it.  Lots of "junk".  We looked around on four floors and decided we had seen enough.  We did find a few items to purchase, but not like we thought we would.  We decided to eat at KFC which was right at the entrance.  Lucy ate some fried chicken and ice cream.  We caught a taxi to go to Beijing Road for more shopping, but the taxi ride on top of her food didn't settle well with Lucy.  We did manage to find a dress for her that she had been looking for, but then had to come back to the hotel so she could lie down.  She kept apologizing, and, of course, we told her it was okay. She is sleeping now, and Lauren is painting a paint-by-number picture she got at the shopping center.  Christy and Betty Jean went back out to some shops right around our hotel.

"We are learning more and more about Lucy.  She is not a morning person!!  She is not much of a shopper, but does pay a lot of attention to prices. I am sure it comes from the fact that she is not used to going and going and going like we have on this trip.    She loves the swimming pool and loves to eat (her kind of food).  We are taking note of the American foods she likes.  She has eaten omelets for breakfast with ham, mushroom and hot sauce in it.  A couple of times she has eaten fried chicken.  She likes ice cream, fruit (especially watermelon).  Most everything she eats she puts some type of hot sauce on it.  She loves Tropicana orange juice and has had coke several times.  She doesn't like our pizza. 

"Thank you for all the prayers; things have gone so smoothly, and we know it is because of that.  Keep them coming."


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