Thursday, September 9, 2010

Important clarification on reception for Lucy

The date, time, and place of the welcome reception for Lucy hasn't changed (see post below for those details).  What has changed is that the reception is also going to be for welcoming home another local family and their new daughter.  Teresa Leggett lives in Hampstead and is also currently in China with her daughter, Ashton, and their new adopted daughter, Natalie.  They are in a different province than Christy and Co., but like all adopting families will end up in Guangzhou before they fly home to the US.  In fact, Teresa and her family and Christy and her family will be staying in the same hotel in Guangzhou.

SO . . . family and friends of the Jaski's and the Leggetts are invited to welcome home the families and meet the new additions on Sept. 19.  Spread the word!

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